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Whether you're an established driver with miles of experience, or someone about to embark on this extraordinary career, Midland is always looking for professional men and women to drive with us.

Our reputation in the industry as an excellent company to drive for is an honour we take pride in.

Driving for Midland means that you'll be working with a top-tier company committed to helping you become the best driver that you can be. Our extensive training programs and qualified driver trainers will help maximize your potential, and our fleet coordinators and dedicated maintenance staff will guarantee that you're provided with late-model vehicles outfitted with the most advanced communications systems.

Being a proud part of the J.D. Irving, Limited family, we recognize and value your own time with your family, so we do offer dedicated and scheduled runs. We also offer generous bonus and reward programs for safety and service, as well as a full range of benefit packages and an annual uniform allowance.
For drivers interested in becoming a Company driver with Midland, please click one of the links for a look at our compensation for Company drivers.
  Company Driver Rates - Maritimes     
  Company Driver Rates - Ontario & Québec
  Company Driver Rates - Ontario & Québec (French)
  Company Driver Rates - Michelin Team

For drivers interested in becoming an Owner Operator, please click one of the links for a complete look at our benefits:

  Highway Owner Operator Rate Package
  Courier Owner Operator Rate Package - Atlantic Canada
  Courier Owner Operator Rate Package - Montréal/Québec City
  Courier Owner Operator Rate Package - Ontario (Excluding Ottawa)
  Courier Owner Operator Rate Package - Ottawa
• SUBLEASE PROGRAM - Midland Transport offers a full-service sublease program to Owner Operators. Follow the link for information regarding our Sublease Program.
• NOVICE DRIVER PROGRAM - At Midland, we recognize that all drivers need to start somewhere, which led us to develop our NOVICE DRIVER PROGRAM, where CLASS 1 drivers with less than 2 years of experience are given an opportunity to get behind the wheel. Follow the link for more information on our Novice Driver Program.
Are you ready to embark on a driving career with Midland? Take the first step! Please complete our APPLICATION FORM.

To learn more about driving with Midland, send us an email at Drive4us@midlandtransport.com.